Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Whoever disses Bollywood gets a permanent hiss, it is one of the best film industries in the world! Well, maybe that's only my opinion, but still, who doesn't love films where In one scene, they're in India, and in the next, they have magically been transported to the Pyramids of Egypt!! I'm serious that really happened in the film "Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham..." which means something along the lines of "It's all about loving your family" if I remember correctly.


Ed said...

That happened to me just the other day. Really. Here one minute, Egypt the next, and there was an orchestra playing somewhere, only I couldn't see it. They must have been hiding behind the sphinx.

Suzy said...

Sparkly Sea Cow, you have the most INTERESTING tastes. So yesterday, when that woman in the kitchen was making pizza and suddenly burst into song? Perhaps she was imagining herself in a Bollywood movie!

Cinderbelle said...

...that's supposed to make it a good movie? Continuity errors?

Suzy said...

Cinderbelle, don't be a movie snob. They weren't ERRORS, they were artistic license.

Crayons said...

Hello Sparkly Sea Cow,
I'm trying to take a break from blogging, but when Luminiferous "Space Goo" Ether mentioned your blog, I just had to visit.

You have piqued my interest. I've never seen a film from Bollywood. I don't even know where to find one. But I love (*LOVE*) movies from other countries.

I hope you write more soon. Do you take requests? I would like to see one of your crafts posted. I'd also like to see something written in a foreign language.

Au revoir ma vache etincellante de la mer!

Alban, Teacher of God said...

Great start Sparkly Sea Cow. I like it. You'll make a great blogger. I believe the more you are yourself, the more readers will like to read what you post.

I too have seen some movies made in India, yet don't remember anything anymore. They are different.

It is kind of strange to know there is a whole other world going on of which I have no idea, not the faintest idea, I mean India; the same with China. America and Europe seem very little compared to Asia, at least in terms of population.

But hey, this is just a little planet in an enormously vast universe with how many galaxies of how many stars? No one can imagine? But here I tell more about my interests.


Kaladria said...

Bollywood Rocks!!! I love shahrukh Khan! in fact i love ALL the Khans!!

Sparkly Sea Cow said...

Cinderbelle, Please, they weren't continuity issues, they were incredible trnspoters.